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Wire Harness

As an electrical wiring harness manufacturer, FOURTWO ELECTRONICS dedicates 30 years of experience to supplying high-quality products and service. These cables are manufactured under strict standards. We also accept customized cable harness assembly to meet your need, including Computer Harness, Automotive Wire Harness, Medical Equipment Harness, Home appliance Harness, Marine Wire Harness, Boat cable assemblies, Marine Grade wire.  Not to mention other related products such as power cable, furniture extension cord, and cable assemblies. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

ISO 9001:2015
• Excellent quality • Fast deliveries • Environmental friendly products • Accept ODM / OEM orders

Marine Wire Harness

FT-001 Wire Harness for Automobile

FT-002 Wire Harness for Medical Equipment

FT-003 Wire Harness for Motorcycle

FT-004 Wire Harness for Computer

FT-005 Wire Harness for Automotive

FT-007 Wire Harness for Tranprotation

FT-006 Wire Harness for Machine

FT-008 Wire Harness for Motorcycle

FT-009 Wire Harness for Home Appliance

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